Growth Study: Supersonic Movers

Supersonic Movers increased revenue by 6x on track for $1M/Year Revenue in the first year With Liquet


Supersonic Movers is a family owned business that started in Feb 2021. It’s first year in business it was able to reach 6 figures in revenue. Supersonic Movers is a fast growing moving company that knew it needed help with its online marketing and presence.

What We Did

In 2022, Liquet took Supersonic Movers as a client and started with an analysis into the industry to determine what was best for their business. Once we redesigned the website and optimized it for conversions, Supersonic Movers started to receive leads the first week.

We helped Supersonic Movers get verified by Google Local Services. We began working on organic search from Google Maps & Google search results. We created ads to get Supersonic Movers listed on the top of the search results.

With our Search Engine Optimization strategy we quickly started to see results which lead to an increase in leads. Within 45 days we saw an increase of over $100k in revenue putting Supersonic Movers on track to surpass $1M/Yr in revenue a 6X increase with Liquet’s Digital Marketing strategy.